The Monsters in Suburbia

I live in the middle of shit storm nowhere, i’m genuinely confused where all these kids get meth. But I have a theory, all the drugs in suburban nightmare are cooked up in grimy monsters basements. The kinda monsters who ferment their own piss when they run out of beer. Its then shipped off to the general public claiming beauty and anti aging. It’s like this gimmick to get the rich middle aged housewives hooked. Soon the fermented piss monsters are rolling in dough, but that only lasts a few weeks tops. I mean they can’t go outside, the world would have an uprising because really nobody likes ugly green monsters. Very soon after one of the monsters kills the other and rips his skin into sheets, he then sends the sheets to be distributed around the country and thrown on bathroom floors. And that is where I found a blotter on a slightly repulsive gas station floor that I did in fact put in my mouth.


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