The Guide for Being Broke as Fuck

To kick this off after many years of being broke and on my own ive come up with a few money saving hacks. Last time I googled this I got middle class white girls trying to tell me not to drink expensive coffee, I cut off coffee worth more than a dollar years ago. So I hope these tips help you out feel free to comment and ill add your tips in.

  • ramen noodles with peanut butter, Its better for you than normal ramen and a jar of cheap peanut butter can last you a while.
  • when in doubt steal the extra toilet paper from public bathrooms. you might suffer but its better than nothing.
  • look sad con rides out of your coworkers
  • baby soap is about 50 cents and can double as face wash and pet shampoo.
  • Michael’s has cheap as fuck plain t-shirts get some spray paint and customize that shit
  • Festival in America has 50 cent bread loafs
  • Forever 21 has 8$ girl jeans that have no shape to them so everyone can wear them.
  • spices are expensive, gets some seeds and grow some baby plants on your windows
  • they have those ripoff mio things in soda flavors, I suggest that if your a diet coke fiend like me and keep up with your habit
  • getting sober will benefit you at this point
  • cheap alcohol is the best alcohol
  • drink college beer and suffer
  • if you have meds they normally have knockoff versions ask the person who prescribes them
  • for meds its cheaper to get 10mg then 20mg so pull a fast one get twice as many 10mg as you would need and just take the dose you need.
  • black beans will save your life, you can buy bundles for dirt cheap
  • roll your own cigarettes
  • and unfortunately say bye to weed, if you got some friends spongue off them
  • sew your shoes back together vs duct tape
  • electrical tape to seal your windows
  • sell plasma, you can sell it twice a week for around 50$ each time
  • dollar store everything cups,plates, underwear
  • dollar store makeup is not as bad as you think
  • the 99cent store has L’Oreal and shit for a dollar
  • Vo5 has dirt cheap shampoo and conditioner smells good and works real well.
  • ask around someone will let you use the laundry machine in their complex
  • detergent at dollar stores not as bad as you may imagine
  • marshals has cheap as fuck highlighters, and brushes shit and occasionally high end makeup for 8$ or less
  • revlon hair dye is 2$ and works incredibly well for box dye

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